We create an inspiring and exceptional art event in order to encourage aspiring artists to enter the art market and to introduce art lovers, prospective buyers and innovative art collectors to new upcoming artists.

The chance is given to apply for one of twenty exhibition spots in the art gallery in Munich Maxvorstadt to present, promote and sell artworks to visitors and art collectors. The selection of candidates will be made by a professional gallery team to provide an excellent and harmonic entity of artworks for this special event.

ARTLAB MUNICH is a project to promote new upcoming artists by giving them the opportunity to present their artworks in a professional art gallery in Munich for one day.


ARTLAB MUNICH is a project launched by the NEW GALLERY BENJAMIN ECK II in order to indicate the introduction into the gallery business to talented or exceptional interesting and creative minds. In the course of an exhibition by ARTLAB MUNICH, the gallery team and a guest curator are nominating the most promising artist. At the end of the year, a group exhibition will be set up presenting the best artists of the past ARTLABS. On the basis of this group exhibition the gallery team will chose again one artist out of the best ones of the whole year who will be privileged with a next year’s exhibition at GALERIE BENJAMIN ECK.